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Hedge Trimming

Proper trimming enhances the beauty of your hedges. Improper trimming usually does more harm than good to your Shrub & Garden and not just aestheticly. Removing useful parts of the plant can greatly affect its health. The point is to remove the dead branches and help form the tree, not reshape it by brute force.


Weeds are invasive and aggressive creatures which crowd out your desirable plant life. They thrive in the harshest conditions and you can’t just pull them up and drop them thinking they’re finished, they’ll find a way to survive.

You have to get them by the root. If you don’t they’re just coming right back. Often this seemingly simple chore turns out to be rather difficult as these roots tend to run very deep and break off underground.


Mulch can make a flower or shrubbery bed look great, but it also serves an important function for the plants. First of all it inhibits weed growth, enabling more water and nutrients to go to the plants you wish to cultivate. Also, as organic mulch decomposes, it puts precious nutrients back into the soil. It also retains moisture which helps the plants resist drought. Because of the moisture retention quality of mulch you do want to keep it a few inches away from plant stems and about half a foot away from tree trunks to avoid rot.

It is important to weed the beds and trim any hedges prior to laying down mulch.

W&E Landscaping offers a variety of mulch including premium hemlock (reddish), aged hemlock (brownish), black pine, and black forest. We’ll have your flower and shrubbery beds looking fantastic. LET’S IMPROVE THE BEDS Need help choosing plants or flowers? We can do that too!

Flower Gardens

Flower gardens are a delightful way to add color and beauty to all areas of your shrub & garden. You can line walkways and driveways, surround large trees, even spruce up an otherwise unsightly tree stump or boulder in the middle of your lawn.

Which ones do well in shady areas as opposed to those that require full sun? Which ones can stand up to the cold New England climate? Which ones will bloom early in the spring or late in the fall? Which ones come back every year? W&E Landscaping can answer these questions and more to help you choose flowers that will endure and enhance the beauty of your yard.

Vegetable Gardens

Nothing beats the flavor and freshness of herbs and vegetables grown right in your very own garden. Tried it before and just haven’t got a green thumb? Let us help! Just tell us what you would like to grow and if it’s appropriate for our area’s climate, we can help you get it done. From building a space to preparing the soil to sowing the seeds and caring for the plants, we do it all.

Water flower and vegetable transplants with 1½ quarts of water and larger perennials with three quarts of water at planting. Use less water if the soil is heavy and/or poorly drained. Garden plants also require one inch of rain, opr supplemental water every five to seven days.

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