Lawn Maintenance


Seasonal Lawn Care

Sign up for our Seasonal Lawn Care Package and choose which services you
want and how often you want them. Let us know and we will send you a
worksheet where you can choose from the following with pricing based on
your property:

  • Regular lawn maintenance. You choose the frequency: every 1, 2, or 4 weeks;
  • Our five-step fertilization program;
  • Aeration; (Spring or Fall)
  • Overseeding; (Spring or Fall)
  • Hedge trimming & bush pruning;
  • Edging the mulch beds;
  • Enough mulch to cover the beds to a depth of 2-3 inches, choose from a variety;
  • Spring cleanup (includes dethatch);
  • Fall cleanup choose from one to three visits and leaf disposal method: blow to a wooded area, haul away or just perform curbside pile pickup.

Spring Cleanup

Dead grass needs to be removed and areas destroyed by road salt need to be
reseeded. Leaves and debris which didn’t get picked up before the snow fall
need to be cleared away. Once that has been done, let’s talk to us about your
flower and shrub beds. Let us redefine the edges and replace the mulch.
Maybe some fresh new flowers would look nice too.

W&E Landscaping can take care of all those issues and more. SCHEDULE A
SPRING CLEANUP TODAY and we will have your yard looking great in no

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is a time-consuming chore. Cutting the grass, disposing of the clippings, weed whacking around all the various obstacles and sweeping away the debris from the driveway and walkways takes a lot of time and effort.

W&E Landscaping has the personnel and equipment to handle those chores
in half the time it would take the average homeowner and we can do it at a
reasonable price. Sign up for our Shrub & Garden Package which includes
weeding, trimming and mulch as well as the above-mentioned items and get it all done. LET US MAINTAIN YOUR LAWN so you can spend your valuable time doing something else.

Also we are willing to help out in the short term if something happens, your
lawn mower breaks down, you become incapacitated or just get away on
vacation; you don’t need to sign up for an entire season.



Fertilization · 5 Steps to a Beautiful Lawn Maintenance

Fertilization adds essential nutrients to the soil, helping to ensure a strong,
healthy root system and a lawn that can withstand stresses such as dry, hot
summers and brutally cold winters. You should fertilize your lawn in the spring before its first mowing, in the summer to help combat the dry conditions, and in the autumn to prepare for its long battle with winter.

W&E Landscaping includes fertilization as the final step in our Lawn
Rejuvenation Program, but also offers a Five-Step Fertilization Program which will keep your lawn healthy and looking great all year long. A brief summary of the program is outlined below.

01 / April / May

This step allows the grass to grow quickly and establish its root system for protection against the harsh heat of summer. This step also controls grubs which eat those roots and weeds which starve the grass of nutrients.

02 / May / June

This step controls the growth of unsightly crabgrass. This treatment also includes higher concentrations of phosphate to help the grass endure the stress caused by the sustained high temperatures of summer.

03 / July / August

This step allows for continued growth and helps the grass maintain a deep rich color. It includes Merit, a form of insecticide which eliminates pests such as ants, wasps, and mosquitoes without harming beneficial
insects such as honeybees.

04 / September / October

This step allows for optimal recovery after the scorching summer months and strengthens the root system so it can withstand the brutal cold of the upcoming winter months.

05 / October / November

This step controls the pH level of the soil which helps the lawn keep a lush color through the fall and provided long term nutrients so the grass will survive the freezing temperatures of winter.

Lawn Conservation

Several factors can stress your lawn to the point it needs help recovering. A
brutal winter or hot dry summer are two big factors. So is an abundance of
weeds. Grubs and other harmful pests are another. Sometimes the soil needs to be aerated or have its pH balance corrected or nutrients added.

Following is a list of five steps W&E Landscaping takes to rejuvenate your
tired lawn.

01 / Soil Test

The first thing to do is evaluate your soil. What is its pH balance? Nutrient levels? We have teamed up with the lab at UMass Amherst to answer these questions. For $85 we will come out and take samples, process the soil, and send it in. The analysts return results and recommendations.

02 / Dethatching

The first thing to do is evaluate your soil. What is its pH balance? Nutrient Thatch is dead grass and roots that block sunshine, water, and air from penetrating the soil, thus inhibiting new lawn growth. We get rid
of it.

03 / Core Aeration

Core aeration provides an avenue for air, water, and nutrients to get to the roots, resulting in a stronger root system and thus a more durable lawn. Aeration also recompacts the soil allowing those roots to push
deeper and increase the lawn’s resistance to a hot, dry summer.

04 / Overseeding

Overseeding is simply spreading additional seed over existing turf to build up the density of the lawn and fill bare spots. The core aeration we perform beforehand gives the grass seed a better chance to germinate
due to increased seed-to-soil contact.

We also offer slice seeding, a process whereby a machine cuts furrows into the soil and lays the seed right in, guaranteeing the best seed-to-soil contact possible.

05 / Fertilization

Fertilization adds essential nutrients to the soil, helping to ensure a strong, healthy root system and a lawn hat can withstand the stresses mentioned above. Some of the types of fertilization we use contains
pesticides, some are specifically created to combat crabgrass and other weeds, while others are designed to control the pH level of the soil. The soil test tells us whether we need fertilization and what type is best
for your lawn.

Keep newly seeded grass areas consistently moist until an even stand of
seedling growth has established. Avoid water run-off. A thin layer of straw
over the planting will help shade emerging seedlings and retain moisture.
Decrease the amount of water gradually to encourage deeper rooting.
Thereafter, 1” of rain or supplemental water each week is optimal.


Is your lawn tired? W&E Landscaping can help.

  • Decrease the amount of water gradually to encourage deeper rooting.
  • Thereafter, 1” of rain or supplemental water each week is optimal.
    Once the grass gets to about three or four inches in height, we will mow it witha push mower (not a riding mower) on low power to avoid uprooting it, supporting lawn maintenance. Are you in need of a new lawn?


Fall Cleanup

Fall is the busiest time of the year for us. We have an awful lot of work to do and a very short window in which to do it. Once the snow flies, we are pretty much done picking up leaves. So schedule your Fall Cleanup as early as possible to reserve your spot on the schedule.

We recommend two cleanups for those of you with a lot of trees or whose yard is situated in such a way as to accumulate leaves your neighbors just let the wind take. Why two cleanups? One reason is for the health of the lawn. It’s not good to have early falling leaves laying there blocking the sun and keeping everything wet, while waiting for those late falling ones to drop. The other big reason is the safety hazard fallen leaves pose as they tend to get very slippery when wet. And of course, they also get tracked all over the place.

In addition to removing leaves, W&E Landscaping’s Fall Cleanup includes mowing the lawn if it needs it and blowing off hard surfaces so your entire yard looks nice, a complete lawn maintenance service!

We have a big truck with a vacuum that follows the crew around to pick up the leaves they collect into curbside piles. Have a place to blow the leaves so we don’t have to pick them up? Great, that saves you money. Want to rake ’em yourself and have us just take ’em? We can do that too.

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