Cleanups / Haul

At W&E We offer several kinds of Cleanups to service different seasons and specific needs.

Spring Cleanup 

To start off the Landscaping season we offer our clients a Spring cleanup where we go out and cleanup all debris and dethatch your lawn (in areas where we have the ability to pass our dethatching machine.) In addition, include with the fall clean up, We will give your lawn its first mow so that it can look great for the spring. 

Fall Cleanup 

 At the end of the season are the Fall cleanups where we collect any leaves , twigs, fallen branches debris. We haul them away or blow them out to wooded areas where this is possible. We do the fall cleanup in 2 rounds with the first round being around Halloween and the second round being at around thanksgiving. 

General or Post Storm Cleanup

 On top of general landscaping cleanups we offer Post Storm cleanup services as well. Post-storm is when we arrive to remove and clear out any fallen branches or debris left from a storms that pass by the New England area. General Cleanups are when we have to clear out an area by request through out the year. 

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