W&E Landscaping welcomes you!

Get your project done in 4 easy steps:

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  1. Contact us with your property address and a description of what you want done.
  2. We make a quick visit (or set up an appointment if you want to discuss the project) and email a quote.
  3. If you like the price we schedule it and get the job done.
  4. After the work is completed we email an invoice you can pay online.

It is that simple!

Spring is just around the corner! Contact us today to schedule your Spring Clean Up.

Introducing monthly installment plan pricing for residential customers. W&E Landscaping is allowing residential customers who sign up for Seasonal Lawn Care an option for paying in equal monthly installments to help with budgeting.

Whether you just want your lawn cut, wish for a beautiful new patio, or desire a flower lined walkway with landscape lighting, we can beautify your outdoor space and make it a joy to behold. Everyone gives free estimates, we give free actual quotes and stand by them.